Saturday, 22 September 2012


What the hell you staring at? Hmm? I see reflection in rear-view mirror, eh, you know, it broken but I have eyes in back of head, so I still see everything. You all dressed up like fancy, nancy boy. Shiny hair, it look like you not only put polish on shoes, but head too. Shoes, they good Italian leather, eh? Like my wife’s couch at home, but without big hole, because I no think you have children, ah-three crazy children who like make holes in couches.

Why you looking at me like you think I know nothing? Niente, nada. You think I no understand English, eh? But, I think maybe YOU no understand because you have little bitta too much drink tonight, no? You party boy; have ironed, straight tuxedo and bow tie but no more class. You not sit but fall over, make noises like you want show me what you eat at big party. I not want see it though. I just clean back-seat yesterday night, after another party boy who have same stupid idea.

Look how you, how you rolling eyes like you think you better than me. Rolling eyeballs round and round, call me bad names while I drive your stinky ass around. You point finger here, then there, but then you shake head, and say I turn at wrong streetlight. Why not you order limousine? Why you decide choose my poor yellow taxi? You already have me do circle round whole city two times! And, you still no idea where you want go. Hope you got the money to pay for this shit.

I need smoke a cigarette, I man of big patience, ask my wife, she tell you same thing, but you I no stand anymore. Don't open mouth, tell me to stop light up cigarette, or I leave you right here. That's right, cough up lung, tobacco soothe my soul, I never say nothing about it soothing yours. I don't talk English, remember? You rich schmuck. Maybe I look over my shoulder, and give you puff of smoke in drunk-skunk face. I make perfect ring, eh? Hehehehe, you stop the eyeball rolling now, eh? Too busy cough, turn bit more green like broccoli my wife make children eat...we all got to suffer sometimes...welcome to my world nancy boy, you hail me down, so now you got to suffer party…

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