Saturday, 22 September 2012

[BULLYING SUMMER] - Wk9's Friday's Work at Berklee

The summer came and picked on me, pinching me, poking me with its scalding fingers. Blistering my pale winter skin, igniting me up so bad inside, that I started to see red. Feel red.

I hated being picked on, so I tried to rebel against it, slapping on a T-shirt, a hat and some sun-cream, wanting to defend myself. Trying to show I wouldn’t stand for its mean, horrid attempts to bake me alive. It wanted to see me shrivel right under its burning glare. Rays so bright, they would’ve blinded me, had I not been quicker and had whipped out my sunglasses. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but no summer sun can hurt me! I didn’t want to be a chicken, running away into the shade of Mr Gum Tree’s protective arms, No, no, I wanted to stay, swelter it out, put my fists and umbrella up, and fight.

First it teased me. Nasty little sneers and jeers that tried their best to blacken me. I could feel my poor ears reddening for oh, my humiliation was just awful. But, I told myself to brave it out just a little longer. So I put on my super-hero bikini, and jumped into the boiling rumble with a SPLASH! Not waiting for another roasting taunt to come, I struck out. Hit after hit, I dived and surfaced, not letting it get even one shot at me!

Until I made the mistake of believing I was strong enough to have beaten the heat. Foolishly turning my back on the flames, I clambered out of the stewing rumble in search of a towel to wipe at my perspiring, dripping body...

And that’s when it came at me! Knocking me off my feet, flat onto my back, where I found myself panting, squirming most uncomfortably, as it singed me to a crispy brown. Its cruelness was without mercy, and it was only when I called out for Mrs Autumn’s help, that my steaming bully disappeared.

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